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Chapter 394: Juvia vs Keith
"Even if they physically vanish... their feelings remain in the other's heart! I believe in people's power of love!!" 


we are living in an age of wonder and miracles, my friends










American Claims Disputed Region of Northeastern Africa For His Daughter.
An American national from Abingdon, Virginia, one Jeremiah Heaton, has reportedly trekked to an area between Egypt and Sudan to claim the disputed region for his 7-year-old daughter so that she could be a real-life princess.
Apparently, his daughter Emily has a fixation with princess and in order to satisfy her fantasy of some day being royalty, Heaton carried out some research and happened upon an area known as Bir Tawil. The region remains officially unclaimed as it has long been disputed by both Egypt and Sudan. With that, Heaton got permission from the Egyptian government to travel to the area in June where he then planted the flag of the ‘Heaton Kingdom’ on the unclaimed piece of land. which now makes her “Princess Emily of the Kingdom of North Sudan” - a name Heaton and his family came up with.
About the process, Heaton said, “I feel confident in the claim we’ve made,” Heaton said. “That’s the exact same process that has been done for thousands of years. The exception is this nation was claimed for love.” He also said that he does intend to “pursue formal recognition with African nations”, starting with Egypt and Sudan.
What does he plan to do with the area? Heaton says his three children will be the facilitators of the area and have expressed wanting to “turn North Sudan into an agricultural hub for the area.”
At the moment, he has no political control over the area - at least not until he gets legal recognition from the United Nations and other neighbouring countries. The area has been the subject of various claims and is also partially inhabited by local populations such as the Bedoiun which could result in further disputes. But Heaton believes that because he trekked to the area, did so out of love and wants to turn the area into a “a nation with a clear purpose of helping other people”, his claim will be well received by other nations.

The fact that this is even getting press is proof of white privilege. This ain’t cute. This unknown white man from Virginia can “put in a claim” as ridiculous as this and the press will actually cover it. The media will entertain the story and give it the time of day. Every reputable news editor should have passed on even running this nonsense on the grounds of having integrity and respect for journalism. Deep down this white man knows this is nonsense, but I suppose he got his little 5 minutes of fame and has passed down the colonial mentality that is innate in many white westerners to his child. Sometimes you’ve got to tell a kid to sit down and shut up. You can’t have everything you want, including being an African princess. Take her to Chuck E Cheese instead.
I’ll tell you one thing, the media wouldn’t give coverage to a random African man from let’s say Botswana who one day decided to claim a part of say Idaho for his daughter because he wants her to be a “real life princess”. He’ll even make up some bullshit flag. Not to worry though, he’ll make sure to feed and be kind to the local whites in the area in exchange for his dominion and rule. Sweet.

Read this bullshit this morning and almost vomited with anger

why do you have to say “white man”? why can’t you say “man” or his name? why do you have to bring race into it? it is NOT one ethnic group that continues to be racist, so don’t single out the race. im so sick of racism.

You need to unfuckingfollow me right now and then go find the nearest freeway and play on it. ALL THIS TIME you been following me, a Black woman, and you reblog and say THIS stupid shit? Get away from me. 

anthonynumero-uno “It’s not one ethnic group that continues to be racist.” But while this white man is claiming disputed land for his white daughter to live out her fantasy, black and brown folks are being deported on the grounds that they don’t have a right to exist here. “Why do you have to be race into it?” Because the white man intruding in this country is seen as a devoted father, but the brown man who is trying to give his family better life is problem with America. “I’m so sick of racism” But deliberately ignore the colonization of black and brown countries, and you turn a blind eye to how even this white man acknowledges that colonization being happening for thousands of years, but yet don’t see the problem with following in his ancestors footsteps……you ask why it’s about race, when everything about this is racial. Why you think he chose to do this in a country in Africa? But not Sweden, or England, Germany, Switzerland or another state in America?….oh better yet just stayed is own damn yard. You say it’s not one ethnic/racial group that continues to be racist but yet it’s always someone white, claiming power and authority in places that isn’t their home.


Tired of you supposed “colorblind” idiots who ignore institutional racism, but the moment a black person says “white man” y’all are “sick of racism” 

They pretend racism doesn’t exist until someone reminds them that they’re white and benefitting from it.

This is so fucking sad.


someone just got meme’d on


An elegant meal for one, tonight.
Why is everyone simultaneously



Curious about black language idioms and phrases on the internet

But hateful of aave when used by black people?

I don’t get it

black culture is popular

black people utilizing it never is.


do not pity the dead, harry, pity the living, and above all those who cannot go to comic con



Little Sarah Rector, a former slave, became one of the richest little girls in America in 1914. Rector had been born among the Creek Indians, as a descendant of slaves. As a result of an earlier land treaty from the government. Back in 1887, the government awarded the Creek minors children 160 acres of land, which passed to Rector after her parents’ deaths. Though her land was thought to be useless, oil was discovered in its depths in 1913, when she was just 10 years old.

Her wealth caused immediate alarm and all efforts were made to put the child Sarah under “guardianship” of whites whose lives became comfortable immediately.  Meanwhile Sarah still lived in humble surroundings. As white businessmen took control of her estate, efforts were also made to put her under control of officials at Tuskegee Institute.

Much attention was given to Sarah in the press.  In 1913, there was an effort to have her declared white, so that because of her millions she could ride in a first class car on the trains. 

file that under black history they could be teaching us in February






These condoms include Vivagel, a new antiviral compound that disables 99.9% of HIV, herpes, and other sexually transmitted viruses:
from Science Alert

Additional, slightly more detailed, article (x). It uses nanotech!

*orders box even though I never have sex..just in case*


Is this real? Ima have to read this tomorrow.

TIME gives you a primer on slang that Pharrell likes enough to put in the titles of his songs

On Wednesday, Pharrell dropped a video for his new single, “Come Get It Bae,”which may immediately raise some questions, such as “Come get what?” and “What in the world does bae mean, anyway?” The short answer: Though this word was used in the 1500s to refer to sheep sounds, today bae is used as a term of endearment, often referring to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Or perhaps a prospect who might one day hold such a lofty position.
the first three words are what you want most in life right now




i think dogs have elevator music playing in their heads at all times


honestly my favorite thing ive ever made in photoshop is catloaf


my graphic arts teacher hung it on the wall in the ga computer lab

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